a short bit about me

Simply put, I am a recorded music enthusiast who felt compelled to make a big ol' greatest albums list. I made Scotto’s Top 1000 albums as a celebration of these 1000 remarkable achievements from over 700 different artists.   

While I feel somewhat proud of my western music knowledge I embrace the fact that there are many other music-heads out there. Some that are wordsmith reviewers. Some are collectors with thousands more records than I have. Engaging with or reading from these aficionados, and my enthusiast friends, continues to bring me the pleasure of discovering more great music. This thirst for sonic discovery has been with me most of my life and is the impetus in creating this here site.  

About The List

Scotto’s Top 1000 albums list has taken me six years to compile and create. I still move titles up, down, or replace them with others I might find slightly more fitting. This list is a fairly eclectic gathering of musical styles. Classic rock, soul, jazz, hip hop, blues, pop, folk, funk, R&B, early rock & roll, gospel, hard rock, soft rock, prog, post-punk, Celtic punk, krautrock, glam, garage, grunge, psychedelic, experimental, indie-rock, rockabilly, no-wave, Jamaican dub, reggae, baroque-pop, metal, zydeco, Tex-Mex, fusion, groove, Brazilian, classical Indian, gothic, crooners, electronic, country, alt country, new wave and punk genres are all mixed into one big salad. I decided to not include classical and I have only a handful of soundtracks. Also, I don't have many records from the early days of long play and 78s, the late 1920s to earlier 50s. To be honest I have a limited knowledge of this period beyond the greats like Bix BeiderbeckeSidney Bechet, Hot 5 and 7sFats Waller, and the known pre-1950s blues, country and folk. Most of what I know from these periods comes from collection CDs. There are a few of these collections I have included in my top 1000. Maybe someday I will add a 100 best records from 1920 to 1955 section. In the meanwhile here is a great list of the early days of LPs; 100 Best Albums of the pre-50's. Scotto's would have to be a much higher number than 1000 in order to accommodate all the momentous albums that are soundtracks, classical music and early LPs. And, I would need to spend more time discovering these recordings, then compiling their order. Gotta put the cap somewhere.  

Because the majority of the entries here are between 10 and 60 years old I've added newer reviewed records in the "New Albums" section with an array of recordings from within the last five years. Of course this sections is in addition to the 1000 albums list.

While going through this list, you might find yourself asking, where the hell is ______. If so, you might find it at the bottom of this page, in a section entitled Glaring Omissions, where I have explanations as to why 8 albums and artists where removed from Some Guy's Top 1000 Albums. 

A majority of the first  300 or so are records that have appeared on other great lists like Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 500 Albums, and have been widely acclaimed for many years.. the "of course" selections. As far as these well known albums, the order in which I have placed them, in the 1000, will be where I differ from other best albums lists.

I would like to give a shout out to the other amazing music-head websites and magazines out there that have, along with Rolling Stone Magazine's top 500, been very helpful and inspiring in creating this here site. One I have avoided is 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Though I have heard good things about it, It’s too close in number so, to be honest, I have felt intimidated. Websites that I check out quite often are Pitchfork, AllMusic, Best Ever Albums, and, or course, Wikipedia. Though I don't always agree with them, a few of them have talented writers with impressive musical knowledge. 

As it evolves, I am really hoping for Scotto’s Top 1000 Albums to become a collaborative effort. I will place anyone's legitimate review on any album, with your name and location in front of any album on this site. At the bottom of each page is a form with a field to write your reviews. Write as much as you want with albums #1 through #975. I will have to restrict the review length in the last 25 albums and Newer Album sections. As I am certainly no wordsmith, all levels of writing talent are welcome.  

With all the negativity and criticism in the world today I really want to keep this as positive as possible. Though to make my point I may occasionally mention stuff I don't care for. On the same note I will probably not post anything from others that is too negative...unless it’s damn good writing. 

Please fill in the name and location section so I can write something like, Joe Shmo of AnywhereTown, writes: in front of your review. 

Each album, between #1 and #975 is a page that can contain words, photos, links, articles, and video links. Check out #33 James Brown Live at the Apollo Vol 2 to see a more filled in selection. There is an additional album at the bottom of that page. So this is really the 1000 and a half list. As you can see, there is a lot to fill in here. Hell, this may never end. I really welcome whatever words any of you out there might want to lend to this site. I will, of course, insert any links to your sites or blogs.

This site is intended to celebrate each entire album, which, of course, includes the album art. So scrolling on a computer or iPad (in landscape mode) might be a better experience than on a smart phone.  Smart phones, even the ones that are as big as a piece of toast, place the album covers thumbnails in rows of 2, as opposed to the sweet spread of 4 per row on computers and iPad like devices.  Smart phones are not a bad thing here, there is just more scrolling involved especially in the New Album section.

I will be frequently updating this site so, if you revisit, please refresh the page. Occasionally the album cover thumbnails will show up distorted in someway. Refreshing will correct this as well.  

Over the years I have really enjoyed being introduced to great recordings I haven't heard and introducing folks to recordings they haven't heard. I guess I wanted see what would happen if I were to bring that to a bigger stage. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Top 1000 albums + of all time list. Lets keep spinning.

Also, I recently took a friend’s advice and changed the name of this site from Some Guy’s Top 1000 Albums to Scotto’s Top 1000 Albums.

Click below and view and/or download list as a PDF: 

Some Guy's Top 1000 Albums PDF


Here are a handful of commonly loved records and artists that are not on this here list.  I have great respect for these artists and hate none of these recordings. All of them have appeared on my list at one time or another. The reasons for their removal will be explained below.

Scotto’s Top 1000 list is subjective. The cultural significance or popularity of albums, while still a factor, is less of a factor than my own taste when it comes to choosing what makes it on this list and what doesn't. We all have different ears, so let me explain below why the brain between these particular ears decided to leave these great achievements off of Scotto’s Top 1000. 

Hotel California: OK, so I don't hate the Eagles. I am not like The Dude in Big Lebowski when he is kicked out of a cab, with the driver playing "Peaceful Easy Feeling", when he says, "man come on.. I had a rough night and I hate the fucking Eagles, man". This spot-on dialog by the Cohen Brothers is so fitting to the Dude's character.. Of course he hates the Eagles. To The Dude they are the antithesis to the Creedence California.

Omitting one of the more ubiquitous records in the Western World might be a, what the fuck?! to the five of you that read this. But I can't put something on my site that I am so completely tired of. I think this album was on my list 3 different times. At one time it was in the high 100s. But I had it there because of how it's been regarded over the last four decades not how I truly felt. I do still like some of the musical highs on Hotel California. "Wasted Time" is one of the great break up songs. I remember listening to a past girlfriend play it on repeat in our final days of living together. It's songs like "Hotel California", "Life In The Fast Lane" and "New Kid In Town" that I have heard 500 times too many (usually not always by choice) that have lead me to say "nay" to Hotel on Some Guy Top 1000. Great song writing yes. Culturally significant yes. Just not for me anymore. One Of These Nights did make the list. I always thought this was more dynamic and moving recording than Hotel. If you don't agree I say, "yeah, well, that's just, like, you know, your opinion, man".

Bat Out Of Hell: This was on my list twice. I think the main reasons for ousting Bat is, while I appreciate opera, I don't like songs with what seem like 12 choruses. I love producer Todd Rundgren, who I have well represented on this list. I love Bruce Springsteen (of course) who Bat Out of Hell strongly emulates. I guess I have just always found it a little boring. I have much respect for what Meatloaf and Jim Steinman put together here. It just never was for me.

Kanye: The Rolling Stone Magazine Top 500 albums was my main inspiration to making my list here. But I feel they had some major glaring omissions. Meanwhile there are THREE, count them, THREE Kanye albums. You only have 500 albums and you have 3 Kanye albums?!…No Common, No Kendrick, No Mos Def, No Guru, No Roots, No Big Daddy Kane, just to name some within the genre.

I am sure, as a narcissist, Kanye must fear the day where his persona becomes no longer interesting to folks. I do have respect for the albums he has created and I really like quite a few of his tracks. But I think after his latest antics I decided, you know what, no Kanye here. If I had to pick a Kanye album to put on the list it would definately be My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Some pretty strong moments on that platter.

Mamas and The Papas:  I have really never been moved by their sound. They came from a great place within the world of The Wrecking Crew, the musicians behind many of the biggest recordings of the 60s, like Pet Sounds. I guess to me they always sounded kinda corny.. like a groovy swingin' Peter, Paul and Mary. Good vocal harmonies, just not my favorite sound.

Appetite For Destruction Question: Should an album grace my list here purely because how well it is loved by others? Or how many 1000s of times the beginning roar of its opening track has been played over NFL game P.A. systems for the last 2 decades? Or its high standing on Rolling Stones Top 500 list? To this I say that the name of this site is Scotto's Top 1000 Albums, and this guy just doesn't feel Appetite.. to be a album to place within the top 600 albums. I say 600 because it is too classic to be placed farther down.

I was a teenager when it hit the airwaves and MTV. It was impossible to miss its impact. Throughout these ages I have found myself bobbin' to its ass kickin’ rock. There are moments these days I still do... Except "Mr Brownstone" I’ve never liked that cut.

Guess you could say I have had my fill of "eye-ah-yh-eye".  Appetite.. has very little dynamic range for me…Nothing resembling a ballad. I know, where is it written that an record has to have range right? Most punk albums don't. AC-DC doesn't. True, but for some reason, it gets to me on Appetite. Maybe if "Patience" had been on this record....no, I would still say no appetite for this fella.

Before Seattle grunge hit the scene and obliterated the glitzy-hairspray-spandex-show-rock of the late 80s, and very early 90s, the only group that seemed to rise above this pond of diarrhea was Guns and Roses. But if you are the best polka band, you are still a polka band.  

Green Day: Green Day albums have awesome powerful moments. Then tracks like "Wake Me Up When September Ends" or "Time of Your Life" show up and that's where my boat gets off.  I guess pop-punk isn't really my thing. Its better when it's Bad Religion or NOFX not so good when it's Blink 182, Offspring or Fallout Boy. Green Day is definately the most known successful band in this genre and I do like these fellas. I like watching them play. They're incredibly tight. During the 90s I lived in Seattle and there was a lot going on musically, so my ears weren't pointed in Green Day's direction. Dookie and Kerplunk just never really reached my radar. I do remember the youthful charge it had on my younger brother... 'cause suburban kids have angst to you know.

The “Jesus Of Suburbia” suite (on American Idiot) is pretty fuckin’ good though…

Ten:  The 90s scene in Seattle was palpable. And perhaps the biggest thing was Ten. Almost bigger than Nevermind. This was still the era of videos. The time of day my roommates and I would turn on the tube was often the videos channel time. I won 3 bets with my roommates that the "Jeremy" video would be on when we switched on the tube. They were everywhere... I mean how many bands grace the cover of Time Magazine. 

I do like Ten. It brings back some good nostalgia. But, even in the day, their second and third albums spoke much more to me (#254 and #375). And Ten would not fit in below the 400s.

Boston: This record has been on and off my list more than any other. The 2nd most successful and for over 2 decades THE most successful debut album of all time. The title was taken by Appetite For Destruction. Boston is one of the only records that more than 80% of it’s contents has been in major rotation on rock stations, nation-wide, ever since it’s release in ‘76. 

The story of its recording by the incredible will of Tom Scholz in his home studio unbeknownst to the execs at Epic records is pure legendary. Check out this Video about about the making of Boston.

You might be asking yourself, based on your wording here, it sounds like it should be on your list. It should, but for me it hasn’t held up as well. Simply put I’ve grown tired of it. And, it has one of the worst album covers ever. Though fitting for the time, It looks like something from a 70s high school airbrush art class.

Rolling Stone Mags Top 500 doesn’t have it either. So there.

These are just a number of them that came to mind. If you have a, what the fuck, you don't have________?! on your list?..feel free to drop me a note (form below) about this "glaring omission" and why you believe it should be on Some Guy's Top 1000 Albums.