1967: An amazing performance that introduced many to this East Indian Sitar virtuoso.

I like the footage from the Monterey Festival documentary following this performance on the last day of the three day event. When it finishes you can see Mickey Dolenz in the audience amongst others full of exuberance. Remember the Beatles Sqt Peppers record had just been released containing 'Within You Without You' and 'Love You To' from the previous years Revolver both featuring George Harrison's Sitar playing learned from Ravi. So there was probably great interest in this performance. The Tabla solo recital from the great Alla Rakha in the middle is just perfection.

Allmusic Says  This is one of Ravi Shankar's most famous recordings. As he describes it, he was very nervous about playing a festival that consisted only of pop and rock artists, and to an audience perhaps unfamiliar with (and uninterested in) classical Indian music. Shankar's music is extremely reflective on this CD. However, it is not lazy or sluggish, but finely wrought, intense and hypnotic, and melodically rich. Two long pieces are heard here with a short tabla solo, based on a complicated 12 beat rhythmical pattern, heard in the middle. This concert, recorded in 1967 at the height of the flower power movement, brought international fame to the master sitar player at a time when United States audiences were just becoming more globally aware.